Congratulations to  Jay Christopherson and Team Lapua-Brux-Borden

” For what it’s worth, I won the recent 2020 Southwest Nationals Grand Aggregate using the AlphaMount I just bought from you a month ago.  Tod Hendricks took 3rd (and won the mid-range Gold!) using one of your mounts that David Christian lent him as well.  Fantastic product, thank you!  I know that we have video from the match of Tod’s rifle with your mounts and I look forward to producing some more videos and I absolutely am telling everyone I meet at matches about your mount (regardless of the sponsorship; I love the mount both for the function and the aesthetic).  Thank you again!
Jay Christopherson



A chassis mount where all 3 rings are machined from a solid billet for strength.

The ring saddles are line bored for the ultimate in precision alignment and gentle scope holding.

Extreme repeatability in shot placement is ensured when removed and replaced on the same rail.

Available in:

  • 30MM x0.825″ = LD30MM
  • 30MMx 0.925″ = MD30MM
  • 30MM x 1.025″= HD30MM
  • 30MM x 1.325″= XHD30MM
  • 30MM x 1.525″= XXHD30MM
  • 34MM x 0.925″ = XLD34MM
  • 34MM x 1.025″ = LD34MM
  • 34MM x 1.125″=  MD34MM
  • 34MM x 1.25″ =  HD34MM
  • 34MM x1.400=  XHD34MM
  • 34MM x 1.525″=XXHD34MM
  • 35MM x 1.0″
  • 35MM x1.25″
  • 35MM x 1.5″
  • 35MM x1.68
  • 36MM x 1.0″
  • 36MM x 1.5″
  • 36MM x1.65″
  • 1″ x 0.900″

HD30MM Alphamount with Swarovski X5i 5-25 x56MM on Fierce rifle w/Near Mfg 30MOA SS rail



 Tough Enough for Cape Buffalo

36MM Near Alphamount and 30 MOA rail on 416 Weatherby Magnum
photo credit Jim Mistretta


I am trying to get my 338 LMAI out to 3200M for KO2M (King of 2 Miles) this side(of the planet). Scope will be a Swarovski X5 3.5-18×50 – Scope has 120MOA elevation in a 30mm tube. Will have to dial max available and hold in reticle for the rest. Planning on shooting a 300gr Berger at 3050-3100fps from a 32” Bartlein. To give you an idea – I have won KO1M three times, placed 2nd three times and 3rd once (last weekend) here locally. For our short range matches which are 500-1200m consisting of 5 stages with 3 gongs per stage and 3 shots per gong for a total of 45 shots I averaged a 92% hit ratio throughout 9 matches last year with the only full score of 45/45 ever shot in the country. All this was with my Sako 85, your picatinny rail and Alphamount.

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Kind Regards,

Simon Steyn

+27 79 509 8562