SWAROVSKI X5i 3.5-18 x50 P
Weatherby MKV 30-378

Hi Richard,
Noted. I’ve had some of your rings for 9+ years now and they have NEVER let me down. Currently have 4 sets of Alphamounts, numerous rails and multiple 1pc Tikka mounts.
What is the maximum MOA that you offer in the Alphamount? I need to try and get my 338LMAI out to 3200m for KO2M(King Of 2 Miles) this side.

Kind Regards,
Simon Steyn +27 79 509 8562

Scope will be a Swarovski X5 3.5-18×50 – Scope has 120MOA elevation in a 30mm tube. Will have to dial max available and hold in reticle for the rest. Planning on shooting a 300gr Berger at 3050-3100fps from a 32” Bartlein. 

To give you an idea – I have won KO1M three times, placed 2nd three times and 3rd once (last weekend) here locally. For our short range matches which are 500-1200m consisting of 5 stages with 3 gongs per stage and 3 shots per gong for a total of 45 shots I averaged a 92% hit ratio throughout 9 matches last year with the only full score of 45/45 ever shot in the country. All this was with my Sako 85, your picatinny rail and Alphamount.