Weatherby Scope Mounts

Long Range Hunting

From mild to wild long range target rifle as above,  WE WILL HAVE  IN STOCK the right mount for your chosen scope on your favorite Weatherby rifle.

There are two types of mounting systems.

  1. The Rail and Alphamount system as above.  Alphamounts clamp onto a rail.
  • Modular and adjustable to any scope on any rifle and allows multiple scopes per rifle
  • Allows one favorite scope to be quickly transfered and used on all your rifles
  • Allows a lightweight red dot or back up scope to be used on hunting trips.


2.The  Alphahunter  system as below.  A complete one piece all in one mount.

Call Richard at  780 608-2441  or email  us  to choose the right system for you.

Mr Near,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you about the alpha mount and the brake I got from you. I finally mounted the 5. – 22 x 56 nightforce on my weatherby and wow what a fit. It is rock solid and your recommendation to stay with the #6 screws was definitely the right choice. The mounting and leveling is perfect and everything fits like it was machined into the receiver. I also mounted and timed the Near brake and it is awesome. Not only did it significantly reduce recoil over the factory brake but I picked up over 50 feet per second. What a good choice. Thanks again for all your patience and expert advice. I look forward to using it in the field and am already looking at a build I would like to put the same set up on.
Thank You,
Kevin Wilson
South Mississippi, U S A