A New Design that is All Muscle and No Fat!

Sleek, lightweight with extreme strength the all in one  ALPHAHUNTER mount is the final word on precision hunting rifles.

Available for the following rifles:

  • WEATHERBY MKV Magnum in 1″, 30MM,  34MM, 35MM and 36MM in various heights for most popular scopes.
  • Weatherby standard  calibers 1″ and 30 x44 and 30x50MM
  • Kimber 84M & 8400 Long Action & Short Action 30MM, 34MM, 35MM & 36MM
  • Tikka T3  in 30 x 40MM, 30 x 42MM, 30 x44MM& 30 x50MM
  • Remington 700 Long Action in 1″, 30MM, 34MM, 35MM &36MM
  • Remington 700 Short Action in 1″, 30MM,34MM, 35MM & 36MM
  • Winchester M70 long and express magnum 1″, 30MM, 34MM, 35MM & 36MM


” I just wanted to let you know these are the ONLY mounts I have ever used, that during bore sighting, not a single internal adjustment was necessary.  On three different rifles!”

Steven Pretlove

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Please call  toll free 1 (866) 608-2441 and have Richard choose the perfect mount to match your scope and rifle.

If overseas  1 780 608-2441   or Email

30MM x 50MM ALPAHUNTER on Tikka T3




30MM x50MM ALPHAHUNTER mount on Rem 700